What is aromatherapy?

natural goodies

natural goodies

Offering more than perfume alone, aromatherapy fosters a sacred relationship with your natural environment. This ancient art uses essential oils from plants and grants us access to their varying and wonderful properties. Precious essential oils can be extracted from petals (sweet & floral), leaves (fresh & crisp), fruits (zesty & sharp), bark and roots (deep and grounding) and resins (earthy and healing).

When applied topically, essential oils have been used to provide physical benefits; frankincense to nourish and restore skin quality, lavender for its anti-inflammatory actions on sunburn and itchy skin, rose oil to hydrate and wintergreen to help relieve tight sore muscles. The aroma of essential oils provide specific benefits too. We all know the relaxing affect of inhaling the soft breath of lavender… Geranium provides uplifting and balancing qualities, a zesty whiff of lime is motivating and gorgeous sandalwood helps ground and calm.

Essential oils work together, and can be thought of as a bouquet – where each personality plays a part and offers something unique to the whole aromatic picture. This really landed for me when my husband attempted to teach me about playing the guitar; one note was orange blossom, but three sounding beautiful together (orange blossom, rose and sandalwood) made a chord.

Exploring the music of aromatherapy, you discover each oil offers its unique personality – to embellish your day, connect you with nature and encourage you to nest down into yourself. Spritz your space, breath them into your lungs and invite their gifts inside.

Always follow label recommendations and observe safety cautions when using essential oils, particularly when applying topically and using during pregnancy.

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