Spring’s yawn: stretch for the sun

new & beautiful again

Spring stretches a waking warmth from our body. As we shed our sleepy winter shell and receive this new energy, we begin to create again. Spring is the time to harness the gentle flexibility of a sprouting seed; seeking new growth and stretching to meet the sun, reaching up in whatever curious path lets you greet the warmth.

Spring is a good time to foster the growth of new goals. The warmth also encourages ‘opening’ after the retreating energy of winter. Open your windows, shake off the hibernation and get outside.

We become social again as the buzz of spring encourages connection with our communities. This is a good time to meet up with friends, share fresh yummy food and celebrate the new abundance of spring energy.

Your yoga practice can resonate with the the changing focus of spring. Be sure to keep your foundation strong and well grounded; your sense of ‘center’ is where all growth comes from. Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II) strengthens both your body and your confidence. Your center of ‘self’ at your solar plexus, like a little sun, gathers warmth and strength in this pose. This is the platform your heart rests down on. When you feel secure in yourself it’s easier to open up and reach out to others. Warrior II is wonderful yoga during pregnancy, in addition to building inner strength this pose also helps strengthen legs to carry a growing baby!

Pregnancy Yoga – Warrior II

Check the alignment of your feet, and use this foundation strength to support your spine growing up, and your fingertips reaching out. You may find you have new found energy to reach out a little further during spring. Remember to be flexible about reaching your goals, not every goal is achieved by linear progression. Like a sprout growing up and around all obstacles to the sun, be flexible to the winding paths that carry you to your goals.

Happy Spring Time!

Peita xx