A cup of stillness

portrait of calm

Lavender is a patient nanna, slowly folding old white hankies on her lap, to place in quiet draws and under comfy pillows. Her day is blessed with simplicity and all the time in the world.

Clary sage is a deep aqua place that finds the depth of your breath. I have come to know her steady pulse so well.

Petitgrain, the leaves of the orange tree, is calm but sharp. Busy distracted minds release to his grounding presence.

Geranium is flexible and clever, she rides the roundabouts life presents with sweet feminine deliciousness. I frequently sneak her fresh leaves from my friend’s apartment garden into my pocket.

Australian Bush flower essence Crowea, for feeling ‘not quite right’ lets you come back to your own sense of ease.

Black eyed-Susan finds its place in Relax Mist, helping restore a path forward for over busy minds. We have become very good acquaintances over the years!

Addison Moon creations are handmade with ♥ in the Blue Mountains.

Peita x