Australian Bush Flower Essences

Western Australia

Australian Bush Flower Essences provide little pockets of connection to home; the Australian landscape where we live and naturally thrive. Each flower offers its unique personality to nourish aspects of who we are, helping bring us back to our first home, ourselves. I love going for sunset bush walks and soaking up the changing bush landscape. Finding blooming bush flowers at home in their natural environment is a luxury that comes with living in the Blue Mountains.

Australian Bush Flower Essences are carefully prepared by placing the selected flowers in pure water to gather their energetic imprint. This water holds the ‘personality’ of the flower, preserving its subtle energetic benefits. Each flower offers different qualities and can be enjoyed when its essence is ingested, misted into the air or applied to the skin.

Five corners is one of my favorite essences, it helps inner vital energy flow through the body, and encourages us to celebrate our unique beauty. Its affects remind of the yoga pose Trikonasana (triangle pose); extending yourself to fingertips on each hand, both feet and to the crown of your head to fill your body with energy.

Black-eyed Susan is used for people who constantly feel rushed and over committed. This essence helps us slow down, turn inward and find stillness.

Banksia Robur is used for disheartened lethargy, and is nice added to a body wash, helping rinse away heavy sluggish ‘stuck-in-the-mud’ energy.

I use Angelsword and Fringed Violet together to help sweep away negativity and hold a clear healing space to start fresh. Combining the energetic gifts of Australian Bush Flower Essences with the aroma or organic essential oils is what my Addison Moon range is all about. Still, there is something special about experiencing bush flowers ‘in the flesh’, and going outside.

There are fields of Australian Bush Flower Essences to explore… enjoy 🙂



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