Hello sour summer candy

trusting time

People do different things with anger. Spit it out, swallow it back, stash it away. I nestle with it, turning it over in my mouth for a long time, like a hard boiled sweet. Maybe because it’s a ‘bad’ emotion, I never got truly acquainted with her as a kid, but as an adult I’ve come to enjoy her in a sour candy kind of way.

Well, it’s been a sour candy kind of week. As a nauseating optimist I have a very high threshold for crap. After nestling away down deep, the heat of summer brings things up and all the tricky stuff gets out into the light.

What has this got to summer? We shed our clothes, get out into the sun and let energy that has been percolating all through the cool build to action. Summer is our time of expansion and activity. Emotions that are particularly volatile get a good stirring up in the heat of summer. Passion, ambition and my distant curious fellow, anger – they all come to the foreground like dusty freaky moths.

In the wheel of the year, summer is a time of completion. Something you’ve been working on comes full circle, like a big full moon bursting with readiness. If you’ve had an idea gestating through the seasons, the time to come into its own is here.

Vrksasana – Tree Pose

Summer is about living deeply into your heart. Down from your head and into your heart to experience what is real and true, and it’s not always the stuff you are hoping for. The heart is the home of sticky difficult things that call for attention too, and they bring their own gifts when dredged to the surface.

Tree pose is a good pose for feeling into the heart, balancing brings you out of your head and down into your body where experience is visceral. Opening your heart brings honesty, and that means the gritty stuff too.

The rawness of this can be confronting, but not everything needs a solution. Some things might just need to be honestly felt and expressed.

Step out into the sun, get your hands dirty and get honest with your heart peeps.

Peita xx