A breath of fresh air

make a new wish

make a new wish

Frankincense has been listening to the breeze and her secrets for longer than you can imagine. He is steady and wise, holding the hand that peels stagnant wallpaper to reveal gorgeous bones. Frankincense lengthens your exhale, his ancient breathy tones helping you let go. I’ve enjoyed a long love affair with Frankincense, anointing his resinous oil along curtain rails and window sills where I gestated wings I had no awareness of having…

The reviving spirit of Juniper is sharp and clean, it enlivens your mind and clears away emotional dust. When I’m feeling decadent my floorboards get washed in the oil of this dark berry.

Lemon, known as a detoxing essential oil also resonates with confidence.

Drinking lemon juice squeezed fresh into water is like a shower for your inside, spritzing the oil feels the same. Standing firm and tall, a conduit between earth and sky.

Cypress knows the strength it takes to start anew. Fresh green notes cleanse your space, your lungs and between your cells.

Australian Bush Flower Essences Angelsword and Fringed Violet work together to clear sticky cobwebs, polishing and protecting from any new accumulation.

I use Smudge Mist to start each day, at my desk, to cleanse my home, the beginning of a yoga class and to mark the start of anything awesome.

Addison Moon creations are handmade with ♥ in the Blue Mountains.

Peita x


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