A little burst of sunlight

snapshot of joy

Geranium peels back the doona and reminds you getting up is worth it, her sweet gorgeous breath harnesses optimism.

The little golden fruits of Bergamot are themselves tiny suns, peering into sleepy eyes and beckoning your day to begin, excited at what you might do.

Orange knows the experience of things coming full circle; from an idea to realisation.

Together these essential oils in Sunshine Mist nudge you to trust in the promise of good things to come.

Australian Bush Flower Essence Little Flannel Flower reminds you silliness and play are just as important as sensible to-do lists. These white miniature stars hover above the ground like mischievous hundreds & thousands.

Five Corners expands your energy to occupy your whole self, filling you up with your unique brand of vitality.

The pink petals of Dog Rose serendipitously adorn the creek where I walk my puppies. Little flower faces turned down watching their feet, (unlike my pups who boldly walk forward, heart first and proud of who they are). This flower essence helps us roll our shoulders back and enjoy our unique beauty.

Addison Moon creations are handmade with ♥ in the Blue Mountains.

Peita x


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