Clearing the way



The first footsteps in snow feeling…that’s how I like to start my day. Here’s my morning ritual to flick away sticky cobwebs and start each day without dragging yesterday behind. (To create your own you will need the magic of tea, yoga, aromatherapy and anything else that lights your fire).

  1. To begin, I sit with my beloved cup of tea early in bed (in my world everything good is punctuated with tea), soaking in the morning view of my backyard
  2. Hug the puppies
  3. Quick run with my buddy; fresh oxygen to sleepy cells plus a regular morning chat to defrag the brain
  4. Roll out and step onto the yoga mat; my little corridor inward each day. My yoga practice is currently focusing on building and squirreling away energy. A tip to making your yoga practice a daily habit – make it doable and just turn up. If you miss a day, turn up tomorrow! Give yourself endless opportunities
  5. Spritz of Smudge aromatherapy mist and a big breath of frankincense, cypress, juniper & lemon; clears away any sticky energies and invites the possibilities of a new path

Addison Moon aromatherapy mists are handmade by me with ♥ in the Blue Mountains, (you have to make your own tea and do your own yoga xx).

Peita x


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