Autumn reveals golden bones

letting go

beauty in falling

Sometimes creating something new is about letting go first. Nature is so comfortable in throwing off the shackles of uselessness. As trees naturally reduce their striving for sunlight and turn their focus inward for winter, they invite us to do the same. This grand scale changing of colour and falling, is the poetry of letting go.

Once abundant and green, the leave’s chlorophyll recedes in time with the natural decline of sunlight. Left behind are sister pigments, waiting in the wings dressed in their autumn pallet of copper, red and gold. This warm rich tapestry of colour was actually there along, but it’s the letting go of striving green that reveals golden bones. What can you achieve by letting go of your push to be ahead?

Autumn is the time to release any useless baggage before the replenishing hibernation of winter’s dark. If you were heading off on a restoring retreat, you wouldn’t really want to bring along ‘to do lists’, relationship cobwebs and your smart phone. You’d turn them off and put them aside, so you could yield into the uncluttered space. Autumn is the unplugging before the turning inward of winter.

Yoga for letting go – Forward bends are wonderful companions for releasing and trusting. Asana that shapes your body into a forward bend, helps lengthen your exhale. Your exhale is your subtle detoxing system, releasing held energy and tension. Forward bends turn your energy inward, as opposed to the daily reaching out and extending. When your body and your attention rest forward and down, your energy percolates like a good strong coffee, instead of diluting it out into the world.

downward facing dog

downward facing dog

Downward Facing Dog – During pregnancy I recommend a gentle variation of downward facing dog, with hands on the wall to lengthen your spine horizontally instead of hands on the floor.

cow pose - inhale

cow pose – inhale

cat pose - exhale

cat pose – exhale

Cat Cow – Inhale into cow pose to bring energy into the heart and use the down facing curve of cat to exhale and let go. This sequence is also wonderful during pregnancy for tired sore backs.

Creative tips for your Autumn Declutter

  • Simplify your heads pace – get circulating ‘to do lists’ out of your head and onto paper, create systems that help you manage your day
  • Store away – (or even better, let go of) any unused spring clothes left in your wardrobe
  • Unplug – have a technology free day once a week
  • Let go – practice yoga that helps declutter your body and mind, aromatherapy to clear away and any other creative way to support releasing and letting go
  • Bunker down – get used to being still and unproductive with some time each day to mediate, sit by the fire or drink a warm cup of something yummy

Happy falling

Peita x