Delicious pause of the Dark Moon

dark moon – time to rest

In a world where productivity is King, the value of pausing is too often overlooked. Rest (the poor cousin to ‘ticking off the to do list’), is not given her rightful place in our busy lives. It’s easy to forget her quiet unassuming nature, but a glance up at tonight’s sky will remind you to be still and embrace the dark.

The Dark Moon, where no light steps for one night, is sometimes skipped in images and literature on moon phases. Without this invisible phase, we move straight to the New Moon, where the slim growing crescent begins again. In doing so (like in life), we miss celebrating this brief but beautiful absence of activity and light.

Darkness holds such treasures; letting us turn down our internal phosphorescent buzz, unplug and rest. The Dark Moon is a small window offered each month in the moon’s cycle where we pause; nothing growing, nothing leaving. Like the little pause in your breath before the next inhale and exhale, she is a wonderful door to nothingness.

It can be uncomfortable sitting with nothing. Instead of leaning into unproductivity, we reach for our phone, a snack, something to tidy, just something, anything we can ‘do’. The importance of just treading water is not however, forgotten in nature. In the cold dead of winter, hibernating creatures slow and conserve their precious energy, practicing the wisdom of surrendering to stone stillness.

The Dark Moon is a fleeting, tomorrow the thin sickle of a new moon will already be opening its crescent eye. In our habitual productive eagerness, don’t miss this beautiful night of winter’s sleep before opening.

Let yourself pause, and with the nourishment stillness brings, you will be ready to take a new breath and begin again tomorrow.

Happy Dark Moon

Peita x