Sweetness of the Full Moon

full moon - time to savour

full moon – time to savour

A ripe pear has a small window of perfect readiness for eating. All the efforts of developing culminate in a brief balancing point, and tonight that silver window of ripeness is open as the moon comes into her own.

The ‘not too hard’ green of the gathering crescent before, or the browning easing away afterward, but here we reach the sweet spot in between; full potential reached and ready for savouring.

The matured energy of the full moon helps bring all seeds to fruition, including the ripened parts of ourselves, which now draw to the surface to be seen in her light.

What seeds have you toiled and nurtured? What has come full cycle for you? Tonight join the collective celebration of reaping what has been sewn this month.

Enjoy the small breakthroughs you have made in creating your life. Open to gratitude, put your feet up and bathe in a job well done.

Like a dandelion clock that has spent all its energy becoming as big and wonderful as it can, tomorrow tired, the moon will invite us to slowly release again and let go.

Happy Full Moon

Peita x