Blank page of the New Moon

new moon – time to plant

After the pause of the Dark Moon, the closed eye slowly peeps open and the New Moon begins to take her subtle shape. Only after a few days do we begin to see the bright sliver yawn in the night’s sky, but her affects are felt the instant the old Dark Moon surrenders to the surge of a new cycle.

Often the Dark and New Moon are referred to interchangeably, but on a subtle level they are different. Dark Moon is the pause before the inhale; complete stillness of the dark. New Moon is the next moment when the moon begins her monthly journey to full again; slow inertia of dawn.

When setting out to create something new, we often do so alone. Valuing individual effort, we strive and quicksand-struggle to reach what we want. This is aptly depicted in the hero archetypes who go it alone, and through their personal determination save the day. The Luke Skywalkers of yesterday are slowly being replaced by the Frozen Anna’s of today, where collaboration, friendship and gentleness can get you further than solo skills (no disrespect to Jedi Knights!)

You know those friends you share half-baked ideas with? the ones who always say ‘how fabulous’! and water your unrealised seeds… Whenever I begin a new project, the first people I share it with before its grown wings are always those who support my creative process. This is the work of the New Moon.

Uncurl your palm to the New Moon and expose nubile ideas to fertile earth. In these precious moments after the Dark Moon, plant your seeds in the nourishing light of the New Moon. This is when tender ideas, too fragile to grow in the frost are readied. Protect your seeds, let their ripened results speak for you later, and most importantly trust they’ll grow.

Oh the places you’ll go…

Happy New Moon

Peita x