A little story about home

sunshine mist 600x400.jpg

positivity in a bottle

A butterfly net for daily moments, that’s what Addison Moon came to be. Like making a cup of tea, opening a tin of luscious balm or spritzing a yummy aroma mist – I embellish daily simplicities and just enjoy. Addison Moon was originally conceived in my yoga class…

I wanted that signature specialness that only comes from bringing nature in and up close. So, I made my own aromatherapy mists to spritz about class. Things really came together when I came home…

Years of long commutes and living a split life between my beautiful Blue Mountains home and my fun but crazy work life in Sydney, taught me to truly embrace home. Not just my actual home, but home to my body and my daily life.

Aromatherapy and Australian Bush Flower Essences were wonderful tools to find my ground and connect with my natural environment. Essential oils don’t just smell good, they provide a true connection with their natural source, helping me follow threads back to myself.

So here I am, whipping up creamy belly balms and mixing aromatherapy mists, hoping to net some little nurturing moments for busy women and their bubs.

20150927_155744 400x400.jpg

calm in a little tin

Why Addison Moon? Addison is my family name from my mother’s side, so it’s charged with the creative feminine, and Moon, well she knows all about pausing and enjoying each beautiful shape.

♥ Peita