Spring Equinox: stepping into the sun

time to hatch

From the contracted curled up days of winter, our days now stretch out like an awakened cat. On September the 23rd we reach the balancing point between light and dark – a time to notice balance in our own lives. While our northern friends descend into the cooling shadows of the Autumnal (Fall) Equinox, we step into the sun and celebrate the Spring (Vernal) Equinox.

Meaning ‘equal night’, equinox refers to the position of the sun poised above the equator, where day and night are equal in length. After this tipping point, Spring daylight lengthens until we reach the longest day at the Summer Solstice.

Traditionally, the Pagans among us know the Spring Equinox as (Ostara). Celebrated in the northern hemisphere during March, colourful eggs and hares symbolise the fertile natural abundance available to us in Spring. Increasing light carries both buoyant creative times for nature, and beautiful symbolism to celebrate.

This is probably my favourite festival of the year – as nature arches her back and receives the vitality that allows flowers to open. It’s the effortlessness that captures me most of all. Nature doesn’t try, she goes on responding to the signals around her and everything heaves upwards. Tiny green hands on my liquid amber pierce through, to find a new cycle awaiting them outside. Not just a couple of pink flowers, but zillions in pale salmon to vessel pink– without restraint nature just continues to create.

Tune in to the quickening pulse available to you, and get making. Whether you’re a planned careful creator, or splashy and impulsive, there’s a wave building at your heels and all you need do is lay back and see where it takes you…

Happy Hatching

Peita x

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