Summer Solstice: count your pennies

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Their idea of a wonderful afternoon… a cup of tea in the garage for a change, because moving the deck chairs by this window gives a whole new outlook of the garden. This is how my parents count their pennies; the best ambassadors of wealth I know.

As we step into the full strength of the Sun at the Summer Solstice, we celebrate fulfillment and abundance… The Sun reaches his highest peak in Australia on December 22nd, and while the best of Summer is yet to come, daylight will soon recede. Under closed eyes our nights will invisibly grow longer until the Autumn Equinox, when day and night are again poised in perfect balance. How fleeting the Sun’s glory is, and yet we celebrate his full strength knowing of this eminent slow descent.

We sometimes think our achievements can be stacked atop one another like an ever-growing beanstalk to the clouds. Nature’s achievements however, are seasonal – expanding to recede and growing to release again; a beautiful reminder to notice and celebrate your worth as you go along your way.

We can be a little careful to celebrate the small steps our achievements take, for fear of others questioning our goals before they reach full bloom, or misunderstand what we have planted in the first place.

Now is the time to count your pennies and enjoy the fruits of your year, and not always the obvious ones… I was reminded recently a ‘wealth-full’ person lets richness moves through them, like laughing out loud instead of holding joy carefully inside.

I’m grateful for the attitude of abundance I was raised in – whatever I put my efforts to will work out, and if it doesn’t I’m equipped to take on the challenge that will follow. My parent’s openness to both success and challenge encourages me to try new things, which cultivates real richness.

The most curious new thing for me this year was pole dancing! To my utter surprise, a one-off class lead to a pole taking residence in our dinning room… The enduring ‘good on you love’ from mum, reminds me to count this new passion as a big tick in fulfillment. With the table out, the new ‘fun room’ also paved the way for my husband’s mountain bike to move in from the shed outside and join the family again.

As our Sun approaches his peak, reflect on all you’ve achieved (small steps and all), and give yourself a gold star for a job well done.

Happy Summer Solstice

Peita xx

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