Zen & the art of sprinkles

big treats

get serious

Hundreds & Thousands, how did I ever forget you? Fairy bread; it’s covered in tiny rainbow sprinkles, and it has to do with fairies. Simple Childish Joy. When did I get so sensible, so grown up? Making sugar free, colour free, fun free, blah blah blah…

Working (and playing) with children, has really opened my eyes to how seriously adults take themselves sometimes, how seriously I can take myself. How out of balance we can become, by being too sensible and too busy to play. Sure someone has to be the adult and work, shop, clean the house… but we don’t have to do it all the time. We don’t have to talk about it (or listen to it) all the time.

Catching up on the weekend with my lovely old friends, we remarked on how ‘what are you doing’, was conveyed with tales of work and being over-busy. Yawn. It’s just what adults value. Children don’t, they fritter away their time, happy to daydream, and sooner make-believe than their beds.

In light of this childish wisdom, I went for a long run in the curious Blackheathen fog, stretched amid stunning wild flowers, then whipped up a batch of chocolaty cupcakes drenched in the magic of Hundreds & Thousands.

Over busy? bring on the sprinkles…

Peita xx

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