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mums & bubs yoga

Yoga for mum

Whether your little one is a tiny fresh bub or a big mobile toddler, this class is for you. Postnatal yoga helps carefully strengthen, stretch and supports your body after birthing and through motherhood… Yoga to nourish.

Bub friendly yoga Please bring your baby (from 8 weeks to 1 year), this class is designed to engage bubs and and provides you both precious time to connect.

Mums with toddlers need yoga too! If your little one is over 1 year please join us ‘child free’ and enjoy delicious postnatal yoga just for you.

When & Where

Our postnatal 6 week yoga term starts September 2nd. Sunday mornings 10.30-11.30 at the lovely Blackheath Fitness Centre yoga studio. (No class on the 16th)

How much

cow pose


Babies are hard work on your body, not just growing and birthing them, but caring for, carrying, feeding and loving them! We stretch the places mums get tight and strengthen core muscles which naturally take time to rebuild after having a baby. Most importantly, mothers give all the time… Postnatal yoga helps replenish your energy.

Postnatal yoga helps…

  • Stretch gently and safely
  • Rebuild core strength
  • Enhance pelvic floor awareness
  • Nourish your energy
  • Connect with your breath
  • Enjoy precious time with your bub… and yourself
  • Meet other mums

Can you really do yoga with a baby?

Yes! Although it requires a whole new level of  ‘flexible’. Classes are not quiet and highly structured, but move along with the needs of your baby as they arise. Your baby is integrated into yoga poses, and they will let you know what works. Yoga helps us tap into that part of ourselves that is always still and centered, teaching us to to move and work with our babies.

When can I start?

When your bub is at least 8 weeks old and most importantly you feel ready to start gentle yoga.

Can I bring my toddler?

This class works best with children up to around one year of age. Attend ‘child free’ if you have toddler, and enjoy some nurturing time for yourself!

downward facing dog

I’m not my usual fit & flexible self, is it really okay to yoga?

Postnatal yoga (actually all yoga) is about listening to your body and matching yoga to your needs. We go as gentle and as slow as you need. As your strength build, the class will adapt to support and challenge you.

I gave birth ages ago, is postnatal yoga right for me or can I just do general yoga?

Postnatal yoga is certainly specific for new mums. However, all mothers tend to have a few things in common… we hold tension in similar places – shoulders, neck, back and chest from carrying little ones and stretching these places creates balance. We benefit from ongoing core strength work and pelvic floor awareness. We all experience exhaustion, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Postnatal yoga addresses these elements unique to mothers.

mums and bubs yoga

Do I need to see a doctor first?

In most instances it is fine to do yoga 8 weeks after giving birth. I require you bring a letter from your doctor or midwife, advising it’s appropriate for you to commence yoga if you delivered your baby with a cesarean birth or if you are experiencing any delays in healing or have any concerns about your postpartum health.

I had a cesarean birth and feel fine, why do I need to see my doctor or midwife?

Whilst babies arrive perfectly into the world in many ways, women can take a little longer to heal after giving birth by cesarean. I just need to know your body is healing nicely and is ready for gentle yoga. This may mean starting with breath awareness and gentle movements, building slowly as your body continues to heal. Poses can be modified to ensure your are always comfortable.

mums and bubs yoga

What happens if my baby cries?

There is no unrealistic pressure to create a peaceful quiet yoga session, yoga is all about finding internal peace amidst the chaos! We work with whatever you baby needs, if they need to be held we will do poses where they are cuddled. Your baby will teach you more about being flexible than any yoga teacher!

What if I need to feed my baby?

Feed your baby any time they need to be fed! We can set you up in a comfortable position to take time out and nurse, feed, change your bub, rest, whatever you both need.

What if we are late to class?

I understand how hard it is to arrive anywhere on time with a little one! Turning up late is fine, a little bit of yoga is better than none.

Any other questions? I’d love to hear them.