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Beautiful nourishing workshops to stretch, strengthen and connect with yourself, your  little one and a circle of women.

When & Where

Muma Yoga is having a break from workshops at the moment… please let me know if you are interested in our next pregnancy yoga workshop and I’ll be in touch. Contact me here,

Workshops are on Sundays 10am to 12 at the lovely Blackheath Fitness Centre.

How much

  • 2 hour workshop – $50


You can join after you are 12 weeks pregnant. Pregnancy yoga helps…

  • Relax & nurture yourself – pregnancy is the time to really nourish your body and your energy levels.
  • Ease back pain – poses help stretch the muscles that can tighten during pregnancy and contribute to back pain.
  • Enhance pelvic floor awareness and control – know your pelvic floor! important during pregnancy and after birthing.
  • Generate breath awareness- learn how your breath affects your nervous system and your baby with easy take home practices.
  • Have fun! – workshops are safe, relaxed and friendly, a great way to connect with other mums to-be in a beautiful space.


Is pregnancy yoga different to regular yoga?

Yes, whilst some of the poses are the same, classes are specific to the needs of a pregnancy. We modify lots of poses during pregnancy, to make them safe, more stable and supportive. We also focus on stretching muscles that can get tight during pregnancy (which helps relieve back pain for example) and strengthen others to provide stability where it is needed (such as around the sacrum and the pelvic floor).

I have never done yoga before, will the workshops be appropriate for me?

Yes, these pregnancy yoga workshops are shaped to meet your individual needs. Lots of women start yoga for the first time while they are pregnant.

When can I start doing pregnancy yoga?

You can join our pregnancy yoga workshops after your 12th week of pregnancy.

Sometimes I’m really tired, can I still do yoga?

Yes, but it needs to be more restoring and gentle for you during these times. This will help nourish your energy levels rather than exhaust you. Just let me know how you are feeling at the beginning of the workshop and I’ll give you individualised options.

How long can I do yoga for?

Some women continue pregnancy yoga right up to their due date, others find they need more rest at this time and either take it really easy in class or have a break. It’s completely up to you. If you are unsure, always check in with your healthcare practitioner.

Do I need to bring anything?

Just your water bottle! I have all the yoga mats and bits you will need. Some women find they like to bring something small to nibble on if they get low blood sugar levels. Wear something comfortable and stretchy.

Please arrive 5 minutes before the workshop starts to discuss your individual needs. Any other questions? I’d love to hear them.



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