autumn women’s yoga workshop


create a little space for yourself…

Enjoy a Sunday morning to stretch out and restore

When & Where

You can join our Autumn women’s yoga workshop on Sunday May the 17th from 9.30-12.30, inside the lovely Blackheath Fitness Centre yoga studio.

What we do

These monthly workshops all about taking time out on a Sunday morning to soak up some yoga goodness and recharge.

We focus on the stuff mums tend to need…

● Restore energy and enjoy some time out for yourself!

● Increase core strength

● Continued pelvic floor control

● Stretch tight shoulders and chest

● Strengthen and relieve sore tired back muscles

How much

● Autumn women’s yoga workshop is $50

join us May 17th

Questions? Your answer might be here

● What do I bring?

Yoga mats are provided, just bring a bottle of water and wear comfortable stretchy clothing.

● I gave birth less than 6 months ago, can I still join?

Not yet, it is more appropriate for you to join mums & bubs yoga, a class specifically for women who have given birth between 7 weeks to 7 months ago. Mums & bubs yoga is a gentle class focusing on the introductory stages of realigning the pelvis, building core strength and getting reacquainted with your pelvic floor. Yoga for women is the next step in continued strength and flexibility.

time out for yourself

● What if I gave birth a long time ago, is the workshop appropriate for me?

Yes all women are welcome, we do however stretch and strengthen where mums need to most. Mothers often get tight shoulders, chest and back from carrying and feeding children, and benefit from building core strength, even if they had a baby a while ago. We also focus on developing pelvic floor control (which everyone needs) and enjoy some time out.

● What if I’m not a mum and I just want a nurturing morning of yoga?

Come along, you are most welcome to join!

Any other questions? I’d love to hear them.