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Peita Handel

Creating a space for pregnant women to enjoy yoga is a pretty lovely. I meet women in their first class, their bump sometimes hardly showing, then with big proud bellies wave them farewell as they graduate into the world of motherhood.

My yoga story begins in Canberra where I joined a Posture & Flexibility class while studying at the Australian National University. This was in 1998, when I first discovered the benefits of stretching from inspiring teachers. I was encouraged to become a teacher myself, unaware this wonderful tangent from uni studies would lead to a lifetime relationship with yoga.

When I moved to Sydney I found a curious yoga studio on the North Shore, bringing colour and creativity to my experience of yoga. My teacher Marian, instilled in me a sense of fun and personal flavor to my teaching. This made for unique classes taught by the fire in winter, the outdoor porch in summer and on sweltering days even in the pool.

As a student in 2006, while completing an Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching in Sydney, I explored pregnancy yoga mentoring with a passionate teacher in Bondi. This is where I discovered pregnancy yoga was for me.

Hatha yoga has formed the basis of my ‘style’, but I now tend to collect and add whatever works. I like having a relaxed and light-hearted approach to yoga. For me, it’s that feeling you get when you open your front door and arrive home. Ultimately yoga is about being balanced, where all the parts of yourself are present.


When my husband and I wanted to create a more balanced life, we moved to our home in the Blue Mountains, where I set up Muma Yoga pregnancy yoga for mums-to-be in the Blue Mountains. I began group yoga classes at the wonderful Blue Mountains Women’s Health & Resource Centre in Katoomba, and now teach at my favorite place, the Blackheath Fitness Centre. I feel right at home in this welcoming beautiful space, with windows facing out at tree level our yoga classes are embraced by the day outside. 

I’ve found living in the Blue Mountains the perfect environment to nurture creativity, inspiring my personal yoga practice, and creating my Addison Moon aromatherapy products (which I spritz about my yoga classes). Just as yoga is about connecting with yourself, ‘off the mat’ yoga also fosters connections with your environment and community.

Peita xx

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