Natural Abundance


grateful harvest 

Tonight’s Full Moon draws me to my garden, and I take stock of all I have. So often I build and create, ever wanting more and never satisfied… Continue reading


Aromatherapy for Baby

make your own shutterstock_149800019 a

make your own

Babies respond really well to relaxing essential oils. Sharing the gift of aromatherapy with your baby is a really special (and ancient) way to connect with them. It’s also a great way of introducing your child to the wonders of our natural world…

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Winter Solstice: travelling solo



Am I the kind of friend I’d want to travel with? Dependable Support  is a theme for me at the Winter Solstice (Yule). When fluffy leaves have dropped and it’s back to bare bones… Continue reading

What yoga has taught me

my studio

women & yoga are like toast & tea

Each morning was greeted with my own version of a Sun Salute. Surrounded by the things that inspired me; pebbles, feathers, pressed leaves and pond green pictures, it’s here I met yoga. First year uni taught me a lot, and looking back it wasn’t the lectures that stayed with me. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from my relationship with yoga… Continue reading

Zen & the art of sprinkles

big treats

get serious

Hundreds & Thousands, how did I ever forget you? Fairy bread; it’s covered in tiny rainbow sprinkles, and it has to do with fairies. Simple Childish Joy. When did I get so sensible, so grown up? Making sugar free, colour free, fun free, blah blah blah… Continue reading

Winter crept out one morning


alone time

With my husband away for a month, I spent the bones of Winter at home, truly turning inward. A few people ‘checked in’ on me, asking if I was okay, bored or lonely without him. I considered this inquiry well-meaning, but very perplexing and at times frustrating… aloneness yields such gifts when our attention is attuned to the quiet of rain…

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Throwing off Deadwood


let go

I love seeing my plans unfold just the way I want them to, letting go of what doesn’t come to fruition is hard (and boring). Striking off those unsuccessful hopes feels so passive, compared to the satisfying push of making things work. Autumn is all about letting go, and if I don’t join in I’m just fighting a natural cycle, and swimming against nature is exhausting and a little foolish… Continue reading

Stitches in a row for a new year

laid down in yarn

Instead of planting things in a row like Mr Nelson impressed upon my Ag (agriculture) class, I put all my seeds in a film canister, gave it a shake and flung them into my plot. They grew like everyone else’s, but just all over the shop and on top of each other – ‘a more organic process’ I explained. Despite missing the assignment brief, my garden was awesome but complicated…

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Summer Solstice: count your pennies

shutterstock_144942733 600x400

a rich life

Their idea of a wonderful afternoon… a cup of tea in the garage for a change, because moving the deck chairs by this window gives a whole new outlook of the garden. This is how my parents count their pennies; the best ambassadors of wealth I know.

As we step into the full strength of the Sun at the Summer Solstice, we celebrate fulfillment and abundance… Continue reading

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