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pick me up

Relax Tea 400x400

peppermint & lemon balm boost

Tea or coffee? Here’s a lovely little blog featuring handmade goodies with a kick, including my very own Relax Tea!

Source: Your Friday Morning Pick Me Up


A little story about home

sunshine mist 600x400.jpg

positivity in a bottle

A butterfly net for daily moments, that’s what Addison Moon came to be. Like making a cup of tea, opening a tin of luscious balm or spritzing a yummy aroma mist – I embellish daily simplicities and just enjoy. Addison Moon was originally conceived in my yoga class…

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Clearing the way



The first footsteps in snow feeling…that’s how I like to start my day. Here’s my morning ritual to flick away sticky cobwebs and start each day without dragging yesterday behind. (To create your own you will need the magic of tea, yoga, aromatherapy and anything else that lights your fire).

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A little burst of sunlight

snapshot of joy

Geranium peels back the doona and reminds you getting up is worth it, her sweet gorgeous breath harnesses optimism.

The little golden fruits of Bergamot are themselves tiny suns, peering into sleepy eyes and beckoning your day to begin, excited at what you might do.

Orange knows the experience of things coming full circle; from an idea to realisation.

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A breath of fresh air

make a new wish

make a new wish

Frankincense has been listening to the breeze and her secrets for longer than you can imagine. He is steady and wise, holding the hand that peels stagnant wallpaper to reveal gorgeous bones. Frankincense lengthens your exhale, his ancient breathy tones helping you let go. I’ve enjoyed a long love affair with Frankincense, anointing his resinous oil along curtain rails and window sills where I gestated wings I had no awareness of having…

The reviving spirit of Juniper is sharp and clean, it enlivens your mind and clears away emotional dust. When I’m feeling decadent my floorboards get washed in the oil of this dark berry.

Lemon, known as a detoxing essential oil also resonates with confidence.

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Australian Bush Flower Essences

Western Australia

Australian Bush Flower Essences provide little pockets of connection to home; the Australian landscape where we live and naturally thrive. Each flower offers its unique personality to nourish aspects of who we are, helping bring us back to our first home, ourselves. I love going for sunset bush walks and soaking up the changing bush landscape. Finding blooming bush flowers at home in their natural environment is a luxury that comes with living in the Blue Mountains.

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A cup of stillness

portrait of calm

Lavender is a patient nanna, slowly folding old white hankies on her lap, to place in quiet draws and under comfy pillows. Her day is blessed with simplicity and all the time in the world.

Clary sage is a deep aqua place that finds the depth of your breath. I have come to know her steady pulse so well.

Petitgrain, the leaves of the orange tree, is calm but sharp. Busy distracted minds release to his grounding presence.

Geranium is flexible and clever, she rides the roundabouts life presents with sweet feminine deliciousness. I frequently sneak her fresh leaves from my friend’s apartment garden into my pocket.

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What is aromatherapy?

natural goodies

natural goodies

Offering more than perfume alone, aromatherapy fosters a sacred relationship with your natural environment. This ancient art uses essential oils from plants and grants us access to their varying and wonderful properties. Precious essential oils can be extracted from petals (sweet & floral), leaves (fresh & crisp), fruits (zesty & sharp), bark and roots (deep and grounding) and resins (earthy and healing).

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