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Aromatherapy for Baby

make your own shutterstock_149800019 a

make your own

Babies respond really well to relaxing essential oils. Sharing the gift of aromatherapy with your baby is a really special (and ancient) way to connect with them. It’s also a great way of introducing your child to the wonders of our natural world…

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A little story about home

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positivity in a bottle

A butterfly net for daily moments, that’s what Addison Moon came to be. Like making a cup of tea, opening a tin of luscious balm or spritzing a yummy aroma mist – I embellish daily simplicities and just enjoy. Addison Moon was originally conceived in my yoga class…

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What is aromatherapy?

natural goodies

natural goodies

Offering more than perfume alone, aromatherapy fosters a sacred relationship with your natural environment. This ancient art uses essential oils from plants and grants us access to their varying and wonderful properties. Precious essential oils can be extracted from petals (sweet & floral), leaves (fresh & crisp), fruits (zesty & sharp), bark and roots (deep and grounding) and resins (earthy and healing).

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