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baby led yoga

I thought it would be pink and fluffy, but it’s dark – in a consuming ocean deep way. Not everyone feels it the same, or at the beginning. I felt the levity of motherlove a few days after I met my son, and resisted finding words because everything just felt cliché.

So finally here I am, 7 months of motherhood and attempting a few introspections about my experience thus far…   Continue reading


pick me up

Relax Tea 400x400

peppermint & lemon balm boost

Tea or coffee? Here’s a lovely little blog featuring handmade goodies with a kick, including my very own Relax Tea!

Source: Your Friday Morning Pick Me Up

Winter Solstice: travelling solo



Am I the kind of friend I’d want to travel with? Dependable Support  is a theme for me at the Winter Solstice (Yule). When fluffy leaves have dropped and it’s back to bare bones… Continue reading

What yoga has taught me

my studio

women & yoga are like toast & tea

Each morning was greeted with my own version of a Sun Salute. Surrounded by the things that inspired me; pebbles, feathers, pressed leaves and pond green pictures, it’s here I met yoga. First year uni taught me a lot, and looking back it wasn’t the lectures that stayed with me. Here’s a few things I’ve learned from my relationship with yoga… Continue reading

A little story about home

sunshine mist 600x400.jpg

positivity in a bottle

A butterfly net for daily moments, that’s what Addison Moon came to be. Like making a cup of tea, opening a tin of luscious balm or spritzing a yummy aroma mist – I embellish daily simplicities and just enjoy. Addison Moon was originally conceived in my yoga class…

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Blank page of the New Moon

new moon – time to plant

After the pause of the Dark Moon, the closed eye slowly peeps open and the New Moon begins to take her subtle shape. Only after a few days do we begin to see the bright sliver yawn in the night’s sky, but her affects are felt the instant the old Dark Moon surrenders to the surge of a new cycle.

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Autumn reveals golden bones

letting go

beauty in falling

Sometimes creating something new is about letting go first. Nature is so comfortable in throwing off the shackles of uselessness. As trees naturally reduce their striving for sunlight and turn their focus inward for winter, they invite us to do the same. This grand scale changing of colour and falling, is the poetry of letting go.

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A little space for big thoughts


yoga happens off the mat too…

Sitting at central station in the morning dark, watching everyone else going home, I thought I was committing myself to a disciplined yoga practice and that it would define me as a good yoga teacher. I should get up early and ‘do’ yoga every day, the longer I dedicated to it the better…

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Clearing the way



The first footsteps in snow feeling…that’s how I like to start my day. Here’s my morning ritual to flick away sticky cobwebs and start each day without dragging yesterday behind. (To create your own you will need the magic of tea, yoga, aromatherapy and anything else that lights your fire).

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A little burst of sunlight

snapshot of joy

Geranium peels back the doona and reminds you getting up is worth it, her sweet gorgeous breath harnesses optimism.

The little golden fruits of Bergamot are themselves tiny suns, peering into sleepy eyes and beckoning your day to begin, excited at what you might do.

Orange knows the experience of things coming full circle; from an idea to realisation.

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