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Natural Abundance


grateful harvest 

Tonight’s Full Moon draws me to my garden, and I take stock of all I have. So often I build and create, ever wanting more and never satisfied… Continue reading


Silver sickle of the Waning Moon

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waning moon – time to let go

If the crescent moon fits into the L of your right hand, nestled between your pointer finger and thumb, then in the southern hemisphere you are cradling a Waning Moon. A ‘right handed’ sliver of moon will slowly dissolve away to an invisible dark moon over the following nights. With this shedding of skin comes the trust to release into something new. Not bigger and better but less…

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Blank page of the New Moon

new moon – time to plant

After the pause of the Dark Moon, the closed eye slowly peeps open and the New Moon begins to take her subtle shape. Only after a few days do we begin to see the bright sliver yawn in the night’s sky, but her affects are felt the instant the old Dark Moon surrenders to the surge of a new cycle.

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Sweetness of the Full Moon

full moon - time to savour

full moon – time to savour

A ripe pear has a small window of perfect readiness for eating. All the efforts of developing culminate in a brief balancing point, and tonight that silver window of ripeness is open as the moon comes into her own.

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Delicious pause of the Dark Moon

dark moon – time to rest

In a world where productivity is King, the value of pausing is too often overlooked. Rest (the poor cousin to ‘ticking off the to do list’), is not given her rightful place in our busy lives. It’s easy to forget her quiet unassuming nature, but a glance up at tonight’s sky will remind you to be still and embrace the dark.

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