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Yoga to get your bones across the finish line

a few of my favs

Dragging your bones? Here’s my three yoga staples to help nourish your nervous system, build vitality and carry you through. These passive poses are perfect if you’re already exhausted. Put 15 minutes aside for yourself, rest back and let your yoga do the work…

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Autumn reveals golden bones

letting go

beauty in falling

Sometimes creating something new is about letting go first. Nature is so comfortable in throwing off the shackles of uselessness. As trees naturally reduce their striving for sunlight and turn their focus inward for winter, they invite us to do the same. This grand scale changing of colour and falling, is the poetry of letting go.

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Spring’s yawn: stretch for the sun

new & beautiful again

Spring stretches a waking warmth from our body. As we shed our sleepy winter shell and receive this new energy, we begin to create again. Spring is the time to harness the gentle flexibility of a sprouting seed; seeking new growth and stretching to meet the sun, reaching up in whatever curious path lets you greet the warmth.

Spring is a good time to foster the growth of new goals. The warmth also encourages ‘opening’ after the retreating energy of winter. Open your windows, shake off the hibernation and get outside.

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