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Natural Abundance


grateful harvest 

Tonight’s Full Moon draws me to my garden, and I take stock of all I have. So often I build and create, ever wanting more and never satisfied… Continue reading


Halloween in Spring?

Beltane – natural fertile abundance

Witches, cats and pumpkins lean from my kitchen calendar and remind me Halloween (Samhain) approaches, but the timing is skewed (my fault for buying an American calendar)… Continue reading

Spring Equinox: stepping into the sun

time to hatch

From the contracted curled up days of winter, our days now stretch out like an awakened cat. On September the 23rd we reach the balancing point between light and dark – a time to notice balance in our own lives. While our northern friends descend into the cooling shadows of the Autumnal (Fall) Equinox, we step into the sun and celebrate the Spring (Vernal) Equinox. Continue reading

Spring’s yawn: stretch for the sun

new & beautiful again

Spring stretches a waking warmth from our body. As we shed our sleepy winter shell and receive this new energy, we begin to create again. Spring is the time to harness the gentle flexibility of a sprouting seed; seeking new growth and stretching to meet the sun, reaching up in whatever curious path lets you greet the warmth.

Spring is a good time to foster the growth of new goals. The warmth also encourages ‘opening’ after the retreating energy of winter. Open your windows, shake off the hibernation and get outside.

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