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Winter Solstice: travelling solo



Am I the kind of friend I’d want to travel with? Dependable Support  is a theme for me at the Winter Solstice (Yule). When fluffy leaves have dropped and it’s back to bare bones… Continue reading


Winter crept out one morning


alone time

With my husband away for a month, I spent the bones of Winter at home, truly turning inward. A few people ‘checked in’ on me, asking if I was okay, bored or lonely without him. I considered this inquiry well-meaning, but very perplexing and at times frustrating… aloneness yields such gifts when our attention is attuned to the quiet of rain…

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Winter: filling your cup

shutterstock_202065568 600x400.jpg

winter’s stillness

The landscape contracts her skeleton from the cold, and nature turns her efforts back down into the soft earth. Now is not the time to strive for sunlight and push new growth, but to squirrel away your energy, one acorn at a time.

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Winter’s invitation: Yule


fall in love with slow

It’s here again – an invitation I have previously declined. My restless self as a teenager preferring the celebrations of summer, expanding into the joy heat brings; light as a spent dandelion clock, stirred by winds promising long uncurling lizard warm days.

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Delicious pause of the Dark Moon

dark moon – time to rest

In a world where productivity is King, the value of pausing is too often overlooked. Rest (the poor cousin to ‘ticking off the to do list’), is not given her rightful place in our busy lives. It’s easy to forget her quiet unassuming nature, but a glance up at tonight’s sky will remind you to be still and embrace the dark.

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Winter’s breath: yoga of an exhale

winter in my backyard

winter in my backyard

Long slow foggy breaths on a frosty morning… In winter time we shed that we we do not need, to create fresh space for spring seeds to grow. In yoga out exhaling breath releases the cobwebs and clutter. We often focus on doing more, taking a big breath and launching into another task. We need to have the space to draw a breath first, and this comes from letting our exhalation go.

Peita x