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Winter crept out one morning


alone time

With my husband away for a month, I spent the bones of Winter at home, truly turning inward. A few people ‘checked in’ on me, asking if I was okay, bored or lonely without him. I considered this inquiry well-meaning, but very perplexing and at times frustrating… aloneness yields such gifts when our attention is attuned to the quiet of rain…

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Throwing off Deadwood


let go

I love seeing my plans unfold just the way I want them to, letting go of what doesn’t come to fruition is hard (and boring). Striking off those unsuccessful hopes feels so passive, compared to the satisfying push of making things work. Autumn is all about letting go, and if I don’t join in I’m just fighting a natural cycle, and swimming against nature is exhausting and a little foolish… Continue reading

Spring Equinox: stepping into the sun

time to hatch

From the contracted curled up days of winter, our days now stretch out like an awakened cat. On September the 23rd we reach the balancing point between light and dark – a time to notice balance in our own lives. While our northern friends descend into the cooling shadows of the Autumnal (Fall) Equinox, we step into the sun and celebrate the Spring (Vernal) Equinox. Continue reading

Winter: filling your cup

shutterstock_202065568 600x400.jpg

winter’s stillness

The landscape contracts her skeleton from the cold, and nature turns her efforts back down into the soft earth. Now is not the time to strive for sunlight and push new growth, but to squirrel away your energy, one acorn at a time.

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Autumn reveals golden bones

letting go

beauty in falling

Sometimes creating something new is about letting go first. Nature is so comfortable in throwing off the shackles of uselessness. As trees naturally reduce their striving for sunlight and turn their focus inward for winter, they invite us to do the same. This grand scale changing of colour and falling, is the poetry of letting go.

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A little space for big thoughts


yoga happens off the mat too…

Sitting at central station in the morning dark, watching everyone else going home, I thought I was committing myself to a disciplined yoga practice and that it would define me as a good yoga teacher. I should get up early and ‘do’ yoga every day, the longer I dedicated to it the better…

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Hello sour summer candy

trusting time

People do different things with anger. Spit it out, swallow it back, stash it away. I nestle with it, turning it over in my mouth for a long time, like a hard boiled sweet. Maybe because it’s a ‘bad’ emotion, I never got truly acquainted with her as a kid, but as an adult I’ve come to enjoy her in a sour candy kind of way.

Well, it’s been a sour candy kind of week. As a nauseating optimist I have a very high threshold for crap. After nestling away down deep, the heat of summer brings things up and all the tricky stuff gets out into the light.

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Spring’s yawn: stretch for the sun

new & beautiful again

Spring stretches a waking warmth from our body. As we shed our sleepy winter shell and receive this new energy, we begin to create again. Spring is the time to harness the gentle flexibility of a sprouting seed; seeking new growth and stretching to meet the sun, reaching up in whatever curious path lets you greet the warmth.

Spring is a good time to foster the growth of new goals. The warmth also encourages ‘opening’ after the retreating energy of winter. Open your windows, shake off the hibernation and get outside.

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Winter’s breath: yoga of an exhale

winter in my backyard

winter in my backyard

Long slow foggy breaths on a frosty morning… In winter time we shed that we we do not need, to create fresh space for spring seeds to grow. In yoga out exhaling breath releases the cobwebs and clutter. We often focus on doing more, taking a big breath and launching into another task. We need to have the space to draw a breath first, and this comes from letting our exhalation go.

Peita x