my Addison Moon

I make natural products for women & bubs to nurture body, heart & home

Relax Mist – My first mist. The essential oils of lavender, geranium, clary sage and petitgrain are dear to my heart. With a little spritz these treasures create rock pool stillness…

Sunshine Mist – Some days you just need a lift. Geranium, bergamot and orange are intimate buddies. I have shared in their buoyancy many a rainy day. When staying in bed feels like an easier option, Sunshine Mist cradles your joy to help you rise.

Smudge Mist – You know when your space needs a ‘smudge’, the air just feels stale. Sometimes we feel like this too… Open the windows of your home and heart to the fresh breeze of frankincense, cypress, juniper and lemon. We all need a fresh canvas.

Belly Balm – Organic shea, cocoa butter and macadamia oil quench thirsty stretching belly skin. Calendula soothes dry skin, and rosehip oil has been used to minimise stretch marks. Lavender, mandarin and frankincense are nourishing, smell devine and are appropriate to used in pregnancy.

Calendula Baby Oil – Gentle soothing oil suitable for use on tender baby skin, face & sensitive irritated skin. Made with all organic pure oils; calendula infused oil (sunflower), camellia tea oil and lavender to soothe and calm. Perfect for massage or quenching thirsty skin.

Relax Balm – Lavender & Geranium organic essential oils capture calm and balance. Rub into your temples, wrists and back of your neck to invite calm into your day. Each tin contains a baby crystal and a touch of Blue Mountains stillness. Appropriate for use in pregnancy to help nourish calm.

Muscle Balm  – soften tight muscles with yummy organic spike lavender, black pepper & cajeput oils, mixed in a base of easy to apply organic shea and cocoa butter. These essential oils are appropriate for use in pregnancy to help release tight calves, lower backs and tense neck and shoulders.

Relax Tea – 100% natural blend of Australian Organic teas for instilling calm without feeling sleepy, perfect for a busy day. Lemon Balm has been used for its relaxing uplifting properties, Oat Straw to help restore the nervous system, and peppermint is oh so fresh and yummy.

Slumber Tea – 100% natural blend of Organic herbal teas for sleep time. Chamomile and Lavender are known for their sedating properties and Passionflower has been used to help alleviate mild anxiety. A sprinkle of Rose Petals adds a beautiful nurturing touch to your bedtime cuppa.

Vanilla Sunrise Tea – 100% natural blend of all Organic Black Tea, Vanilla Bean and Rose. If you love Black Tea, try adding the warm earthy tones of Vanilla with a blush of Rose.

♥ Peita