pregnancy yoga workshop

immerse yourself

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Enjoy this special time with a day dedicated to connecting deeply with your body and your baby…

The date of our next pregnancy yoga workshop is yet to be set. You can register your interest for this workshop when you are 12 weeks pregnant and beyond.

What we do

Yoga is a wonderful tool to help support your body throughout the continuous changes pregnancy brings. This workshop is all about stretching, strengthening & nurturing yourself & your bub, giving you the experience and confidence to continue yoga throughout your pregnancy;
● Go deeper with your breath
● Support specific aliments during your pregnancy such as back pain, tight calves and fluid retention
● Strengthen your pelvic floor and core muscles (learn where they are and what they do!)
● Stretch your body safely & effectively
● Connect with your baby & enjoy some time out

connect with your breath & your bub

How the workshop works

Experience To really get to know something, you need to experience it. That’s why getting on the yoga mat and exploring yoga helps integrate the benefits into your daily life. You will experience;

  • Asana (physical yoga poses) specific to the stages of your pregnancy and your body’s needs
  • Breathing practices to help you get to know your breath, wonderful tools for centering the body
  • Meditation to nourish your nervous system and connect with your baby

Work-shopping It’s important to experiment! Get to know how yoga works and how to do poses specifically to fit your body. You will learn about;

  • Modifying poses to meet your body’s needs
  • Getting to know the how and why of stretching & strengthening
  • Which poses and practices are best for you as your pregnancy progresses

Notes & chatting it through Material covered in the workshop will be available for you in your handbook. Our discussion time will also help give you the clarity and confidence to continue doing yoga at home throughout your pregnancy.

What to bring

  • Snacks for nibbling throughout the workshop (lunch is provided)
  • Your water bottle
  • Notebook & pen
  • Wear comfy stretchy clothing
  • Your willingness to explore!

About your yoga teacher

Peita Handel

Pregnancy is such a special time. I feel in love with teaching pregnancy yoga in 2006, when I began specialising in this rewarding field. I’ve taught yoga in a number of Sydney studios since then, and locally in the Blue Mountains for 6 years. My qualifications include a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching, teamed with a passion for working with pregnant women.

You can contact me with any queries or call me on 0405 719 812, I’d love to hear from you.