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Throwing off Deadwood


let go

I love seeing my plans unfold just the way I want them to, letting go of what doesn’t come to fruition is hard (and boring). Striking off those unsuccessful hopes feels so passive, compared to the satisfying push of making things work. Autumn is all about letting go, and if I don’t join in I’m just fighting a natural cycle, and swimming against nature is exhausting and a little foolish… Continue reading


Silver sickle of the Waning Moon

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waning moon – time to let go

If the crescent moon fits into the L of your right hand, nestled between your pointer finger and thumb, then in the southern hemisphere you are cradling a Waning Moon. A ‘right handed’ sliver of moon will slowly dissolve away to an invisible dark moon over the following nights. With this shedding of skin comes the trust to release into something new. Not bigger and better but less…

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